last night.


Last night this happened. Really. I almost hesitate to share because I don’t want to jinx anything. I got out my wheel, and spun a little bag of leftover Hello Yarn Targhee in the Sprout colorway. I listened to a podcast, drank some tea, and watched the sunset.


And then I went inside, curled up on the couch, and pulled out my Snowbird. It actually smelled sort of damp and musty, probably from being shoved in a bag at the base of my fiber closet since at least December 2012. The “hard” part of this sweater is done — now there’s only knitting the body and adding the pockets. (Okay, and seaming the collar to the body. That might be hard.) I have a growing list of baby and wedding gifts to knit, but I might just cut myself some slack and try to finish the stuff that I both love and have let languish. Let’s see if I can keep this up.


In other news, I spent Saturday night with my parents, and after we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday, we enjoyed a fire in the pit that’s built into the brick patio behind their house. Boh normally has to stay in his box for family gatherings (he is not very good with larger groups, especially if they include strangers), but when there were only a few folks remaining, I brought him outside to enjoy the fire.


I think he liked it. I know I did.

Thanks, you guys, for all of your kind comments on my last post and my unintended absence. It means a lot to know you’re still here.


7 thoughts on “last night.

  1. Love your blog….dogs and knitting does it get better than that? Only if you add some yoga.

  2. Yay for spinning and knitting! I totally agree with you — knit what you WANT to knit, not what you feel like you HAVE to knit. Hobbies are supposed to be fun. :) And that bonfire looks so fun! Thanks for sharing the adorable photo of Mr. Boh.

  3. No jinxing aloud …. just taking the time YOU need as you need it … and finding your way back to the things you most love and find nourishing, perhaps?

  4. The Absolute Professor DID say we have to leave time for the things that make us happy… :)

  5. Snowbird is looking terrific, and hooray for these last days of summer. Sounds like you are making the most of it.

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