a little more.


Because the weather has been glorious, I’ve moved all of my dissertation writing to the porch. This means Boh has moved the majority of his lounging to the porch as well.


You know, except when it is dinner time. He knows when that is supposed to happen, and has been waiting for me right here.


I’ve been making slow, steady progress on Snowbird — the pocket stitches are on stitch-holders, and I’m working my way down the rest of the body. I think the sweater is going to be pretty slouchy in the body, but it fits well in the arms, so I’m hoping I’ll love it and wear it a lot.


One more. Sweet Boh at a nearby waterfall. We’ve been visiting this one weekly, on our way to get vegetables from the farm I belong to, and Boh loves it there. Happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “a little more.

  1. Boh looks so contented and happy :)

    Might as well take advantage of the wonderful weather while it lasts. Hope it isn’t too distracting as you work. As for the sweater, it seems to be coming along very well. I hope you will love wearing it after all the work done. Just wondering though … what is the color? it’s a bit hard to define because of the lighting.

  2. Nothing better than working or relaxing on a porch or deck! I recognize the falls and park. :-) Wonderful memories so long ago.

  3. Ooooh, Snowbird is so pretty! That’s going to be one gorgeous sweater. And working on the porch sounds glorious…being outside must boost productivity – it has to!

  4. Boh is such a good-looking dog! Porch time is the best time, in my book.

    Snowbird is coming along nicely — will be very warm and cozy this winter.

  5. The sweater is very nice and sometimes a bit slouchy in the body is ok. Especially with the arms fits so well. It is a nice combination. Give Boh a behind the ear scratch for me. He is such a dear dear dog.

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