I’ve been drooling over Deb’s Smitten Kitchen Cookbook all week. On Saturday morning I made latkes and they were amazing. Best I’ve ever made. I particularly appreciate that Deb did not specify how many people this particular recipe serves, because I ate them all.

Today, I made my coffee and flipped through the book again. This dutch baby caught my eye. I’ve never made one before, but the results were picture-perfect. (And oh-so-tasty.)

And just now I mixed up a simple and yummy broccoli slaw to counter the decadence in my weekend food intake. I really think you might need this cookbook. (Full disclosure: Not only did I buy one for myself; after looking through mine, I also purchased three more as gifts for my mom, my chair, and a dear friend. All have birthdays in the first half of November.)

And, you know, because this is, at least in theory, a knitting blog, look — knitting! Those are not my hands; they are the hands of my dear friend J. She’s such a fast learner. After one evening of basic instruction in casting on, knitting, and purling, she practiced until she’d used up the partial ball of yarn I gave her. On Friday we went yarn shopping, and that evening, J. cast on her first project (on dpns, no less!), a pair of toasty fingerless mitts! Hooray!


8 thoughts on “smitten.

  1. Hooray, indeed! This all looks amazing! But, as a Germanist, I am pretty much required to enjoy latkes. Or Rösti. Or Kartoffelpuffer. A rose by any other name …

  2. Oooh, I’ve been eyeing this cookbook and you’ve made me really want to buy it! I think at least half the recipes I’ve bookmarked on the web are from Smitten Kitchen!

  3. Bought a cookbook you recommended last year for my girls. Looks like this one is another good idea.

    Tell your friend I’m impressed! DPNs right off the bat. Good for her.

  4. I just bought that cookbook for a friend for her birthday, and have it on my own holiday wish list! All those recipes look awesome. I’m going to make the cranberry crumb bars this weekend (via a blog post — not cracking open my friend’s book!).

    Looks like you’ve got a very fast learner there. Toasty mitts seem like a great project. : )

  5. I just bought my own copy of the cookbook, but haven’t had time to cook any of it yet. Your pictures are awesome! Can’t wait to try a Dutch Baby, maybe tomorrow morning…

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