breaking news.

Nope, not the president’s reelection. Or any number of the meaningful choices made on Tuesday — including to send more women to Congress, to expand the privileges that come with marriage to more people who love each other. I’m totally psyched about those things. Lots of folks on the internet (well, the parts of the internet I frequent) have written smartly and thoughtfully about Tuesday’s events, so I’m focusing on savory leek bread pudding. Yep, you heard me. There were leeks at the farm this week (my second-last pick-up) and then I saw this recipe, so I made a special trip to the store yesterday. Yoga was canceled, so I had an evening to let things simmer on the stove and bake in the oven. Yum. I made this with whole milk instead of milk and cream, and I left out the chives in favor of more thyme. This is a wonderfully creamy, comforting meal. And this lucky Rooster is heating it up for breakfast right now.

Also, this. I do not get tired of Boh’s sweetness. I hope you’re not sick of it either.

More Snowbird, slowly but surely. Time to eat some leek bread pudding and get myself to the coffee shop to write. Happy Thursday!


8 thoughts on “breaking news.

  1. Yum! And hooray for cozy knitting.

    What’s making me really happy is that Tammy Baldwin is heading to the U.S. Senate and that WI went for Obama! We were pretty concerned about what was happening after Walker run the recall and we saw all the signs and political ads when we were in northern WI for vacation last month.

  2. I will never get sick of that wrinkle faced boy! And I just saw this recipe. It sounds delicious!

  3. How could one ever tire of Boh?! That bread pudding looks amazing … another one for my to-cook list. And yay for Snowbird! That is going to be an awesome snuggly cardigan! Happy weekend to you and Mr. Sweetness!

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