It’s that time of the year and semester where everything is speeding up. I don’t think I’ve knit a stitch all week! (Well, that’s not entirely true. I did knit and then unknit a couple of stitches on J’s fingerless mitts to teach her how to make a thumb-hole.) There are two weeks of classes left, I’m scrambling to get a more complete draft of the first chapter of my dissertation together, Thanksgiving is approaching, I’ve been showing my home to potentially subletters (I’ll be out of town for a couple of months for research this winter), and basically, my head is spinning. I had to look at my phone to see what, if anything, I photographed this week, and here’s what I found:

Another dutch baby (why are they called that?) from Deb’s cookbook. Full disclosure: I just pulled another one out of the oven. I cannot wait to eat it.

J, working the thumb-hole on her first fingerless mitt!

Boh expressing…something.

I had nothing to do with the preparation of this incredibly delicious pumpkin-themed meal (pumpkin ravioli in sage-butter, pumpkin cheesecake for dessert). All I did was snap this action shot.

Out. Cold. Friday afternoon. This is how I felt yesterday afternoon, too. Hope you’ve got a wonderful weekend planned! More from us soon.


6 thoughts on “acceleration.

  1. I remember that end of the year semester feeling. I love all the living you snapped in the pictures amidst the craziness though. And, the food pictures once again look so yummy.

  2. Such a busy time of year! Good luck getting the first chapter draft done.

    Yum — even though I just finished brunch (pumpkin pancakes!), I feel a little hungry again just looking at your Dutch baby and pumpkin ravioli photos.

    Give Bo a pet for me.

  3. Oh Boh, you are so adorable! I wish I had been there for the pumpkin meal, sounds yummy! Good luck with all that is on your plate, meaning the non food stuff.

  4. You can do it!! Good luck with the last couple of weeks — and tell Boh to keep it adorable.

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