Forward, both for my Snowbird cardigan and hopefully, the nation. As I write this, I’m waiting for my friend M. (of Sexy Yoda fame) to pick me up so that we can go to our polling place to vote. I’m excited — 4 years ago I voted absentee, so I haven’t voted in-person since 2004, when I worked as an organizer for a non-partisan youth voting initiative. Today is the first time that most of the undergraduates at my university will get to participate in the electoral process. (Note that I did not say the democratic process, because I strongly believe that voting is one of many ways to participate in creating the democracy we want to live in.)

And now I’ve got some unrelated cuteness. Or maybe it could be related, if Boh were running for any sort of office.

Boh is a strong supporter of roasted cauliflower.

Also, handspun shawls. (I was using this one as a makeshift hot water bottle cover yesterday.)

And he yawns, just like everybody else. The sweetness. Happy Election Day, American readers! Please vote.


4 thoughts on “forward.

  1. I voted absentee from when I turned 18 until 4 years ago. It’s so much more fun actually going to the polls! I always get excited walking there, and feeding my ballot into the machine feels so REAL. Can’t wait to do it when I get home tonight!!
    And I’d totally vote for Boh. :) (I also have a strong pro-roasted-cauliflower stance.)

  2. The apple tart is wonderful! I had to give half away or I’d have eaten it all in two days. Thank you for the recipe. I will be making this often.

    Boh. He looks like he’s feeling better. :-)

  3. I fully support Boh’s platform! I’ve always voted absentee … someday, I’ll have to try to the poll experience. Though now that WA is all absentee, I might have to change residency first …

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