FO: altitude.

188 yards of 2-ply that plumped up into a worsted-weight yarn. This yarn is deeper and darker (think true blue) than it looks here on the porch! A quick, satisfying spin — and oh my, do I love those bits of mustard yellow. It really feels like I’ve been making up for lost time at the wheel! Maybe the next thing I spin will involve thinner singles, or more than 2 plies.

And here’s a beautiful loaf of bread that I did NOT make. Instead, I picked it up with my farm share on Tuesday. One of my ABD presents to myself was the new bread share at my CSA. Locally grown and milled grain, locally baked. (And incredibly delicious.) It doesn’t get much better.

Except that it does! Carpooling to the farm means great conversation and company in the rows of flowers and veggies. We picked our first quarts of sugar snap peas yesterday. (E’s comment? “This tastes like summer.” So true.)

Also, how happy does this guy look? Very happy, maybe because he doesn’t have to get back to work? (Or happy because of the nice walk we took this morning?)

Now that I have a coffee table to work at, there’s no excuse. Time to start mapping out the dissertation. How about a look at some of the other rooms in the house?

You’re looking at the dining room, more bookshelves in my office, and my grandmother’s hutch (which I’m using as a dresser in my bedroom). I still have a list of little things to do — hide those cords, get an everyday tablecloth, decide on the layout of the guest room, etc., but on the whole, Boh and I are feeling pretty settled here. Back to it!




10 thoughts on “FO: altitude.

  1. ooo that bread looks superb. And i love the built-in cabinets in the dining room!

  2. hi Amy
    The new place is shaping up really nice!
    The yarn – lovely. I can’t wait to finish my Altitude. I did something a bit different with it – can’t wait to show you.

  3. “Tastes like summer.”

    Reminds me of my daughter’s comment when I mail my ginger cookies to her in Italy. She said “It’s like Christmas in my mouth!”

    Love the cupboards in your dining room.

  4. A big hooray for all of this! So glad you and Boh are settling and finding all kinds of good uses for coffee tables and porches. The blue/yellow is lovely!

  5. OK, there’s tons of awesomeness in this post! I especially love the coffee table and the hutch (I’m picking up my grandmother’s china hutch from my aunt when I’m in MN over the 4th of July). The handspun is gorgeous — those shades of blue are amazing.

  6. I love seeing pictures of your new place. It looks beautiful and I think it would be heavenly to swim in the lake and watch the sunset on the porch – what a relaxing place to set up the wheel.

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