Last night I attended my first roller derby bout — fast and super fun.

I also spun up two bobbins of SCF corriedale in the Altitude colorway yesterday.

Boh lounged on the couch.

He also lounged on “his” rug. My parents brought this from my grandmother’s house — she made this decades ago, and even dyed the wool herself! Boh clearly approves.

Here’s a glimpse of the other side of the living room, now that I’m more settled. More soon!


5 thoughts on “speed/altitude.

  1. The living room looks so cozy! And how cool is that rug?! It is such a special heirloom, and your grandmother sounds amazing.

  2. Looking good! That is a great rug — even better with the story. Hope Boh can spend the summer enjoying it! Also, roller derby? I am not that brave.

  3. Very cool Boh expression on the rug! Question: Did you do the spinning at the roller derby or did it just inspire you ;)

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