A few days ago, I decided I need another eternity scarf. The thing is, the pattern calls for the kind of yardage I can get out of two bumps of handspun, not one. After digging through my (more accessible) fiber bin, I surfaced with Southern Cross Fibres polwarth in the Rhinebeck colorway (Oct 2010 club fiber) and Hello Yarn polwarth in Cauldron (April 2010 club fiber). And then I opened up the bags on my already very full desk, and snapped this picture. So far so good.

Here’s the first bobbin of the SCF polwarth in Rhinebeck. This stuff spun super smoothly. I really can’t wait to spin the second bobbin’s worth.

And here’s an almost full bobbin of Cauldron. These colors are slightly more muted than the SCF (well, except for the super awesome bright green). Putting the bobbins side by side, I’m less sure of my pairing, but since the fibers themselves looked fantastic together, I’m going to start plying (maybe today?) and see what happens. Fiber experiment!

Okay, time to pour the coffee. This rooster is so ready for daylight savings to kick in, and not just because of the extra hour of sleep I’ll get tomorrow morning before yoga.


6 thoughts on “together?

  1. I think they’ll make great ply-mates! Sometimes the most unlikely fiber pairings make the nicest yarn. Can’t wait to see them married-lol.

  2. I’m with everyone else: go for it! At worst, it might be “interesting”. At best, super awesome. Yay for another hour! I could sure use it.

  3. Love it! You’re really rocking the autumnal colors these days.

    I’m so glad that the clock is falling back tonight. :-)

  4. Really nice combo you have there. It will be beautiful when it’s done.

    Yes, I am looking forward to the extra hour of sleep, too! :) I won’t be happy about getting up in the dark for work next week, though… :(

  5. very pretty looking experiment! i think the colours are lovely and autumnal, can’t wait to see this progress!
    funny that your clocks go back this weekend – ours did last weekend, i wonder why the difference. time zones are so confusing. enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

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