still ripening.

As you can see, I’m making good progress on my ripe bananas lap blanket. (I’m aiming to finish it this weekend!) I wrapped up the lace section with the red and taupe shetland singles, and then switched to some Cascade 220 in a heathered, rusty red to keep the darkening gradient going. (In case anyone is wondering, 1.4 oz of Cascade 220 is pretty much exactly how much yarn you need to knit 1.5 inches of this blanket on 7s when the stitch count is in the 450 st range and increasing. Phew!)

Next up, more handspun. As soon as I get this Spunky Club corriedale in the New Day colorway wound into a ball, I’ll be on my way.

And here are the veggies I roasted for dinner last night: potatoes, fennel, and beets, all from the farm. Yum.


9 thoughts on “still ripening.

  1. Love how those colours fit together! I’m looking forward to seeing it in it’s full glory!

  2. That blanket’s coming along very nicely! I LOVE roasted beets… I like to make a roasted beet salad with greens and fresh chevre. Yum!

  3. The colors for the blanket are wonderful… It keeps getting lovelier every time I see it.

    I have only tackled a knitting project as big as a blanket once, in super-big yarn (so it knit up really fast…) I was always afraid I’d start one and never finish it. (I already have a UFO crocheted blanket that’s probably going on 25 -30 years old now!) =8^O

    This looks so cozy and warm and beautiful, though, I am inspired to maybe try one…

  4. your blanket is amazing. really beautiful. sorry i didn’t call you — getting a new phone shortly and then i won’t have to be attached to a wall to chat. talk soon, i hope. and i just made banana bread and now i’m going to eat it, and knit, and have a little amy-ish eve. xo

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