FO: fireside chat.

150 yards of soft, squishy 2-ply BFL from AVFKW. I am so happy with the way this poofed up with washing. Tough to photograph the subtle depth of this colorway — lots of different shades of pinks, some pale purple-y grays, even some taupe. (Not as orange as it looks above.) Even Boh approves.  This is destined to be birthday yarn for my friend H – she’ll get it soon. (I forgot to bring it with me to campus today.)

Gorgeous day today — clear sky, lots of sun. I owe Boh a long walk, so that’s where we’re headed.


6 thoughts on “FO: fireside chat.

  1. Lovely yarn – looks so soft! Have a nice walk! No sunshine here whatsoever – just rain and crazy warm temperatures…

  2. You are so nice to give handspun as a gift! I must be a selfish spinner.

    Nice to see Boh with his eyes open for a change!

  3. Lovely handspun – what a great gift! Boh’s expression is just too cute!
    Unfortunately, the weaether here is the opposite of yours – dark and raining pretty heavily. No long walks for us today! :(

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