boh knows best.

I left off yesterday by saying that I owed Boh a good, long walk. All this reading, writing, and grading has meant a slew of shorter-than-they-should-be walks for my favorite four-legged companion. I was thinking about it as something for him — but really, it was exactly what I needed, too. (Funny how that works.)

Late afternoon light.

Intrepid adventurers?

I love this tree.

The reservoir, late fall.

We needed that. (Way more restorative than the fancy coffee drink I splurged on yesterday as I headed home from campus.)


8 thoughts on “boh knows best.

  1. Nice shots! Looks like you had a great time. There’s nothing like a walk in a beautiful place to clear your head … Especially when you have such a good and loyal companion to share it with! (((hugs, Boh!)))

  2. Oh boy do i want a dog. And to live in such a beautiful place. That light! Those trees! The almost-green water! Glad you got to head out and enjoy it.
    (Also, i’m totally enamoured of your scarf – love the pattern and the colours.)

  3. That’s a great way to spend an afternoon! I just read an article saying that lots of little things make a person much happier than a few big things. Pets, walks, coffee… all that good stuff.

  4. I’ve been a silent reader for a while now, but I have to comment on how adorable Boh is! It looks like a great walk.

    (Also, I’d like to raid your closet, please. Your scarf and bag and entire outfit look great!)

  5. Boh does know best! It looks like a lovely walk and the perfect way to enjoy the fall sunshine.

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