sunday night spinning.

Last night, at about eight o’clock, I decided that I just couldn’t look at the pages of a book anymore. And so I dug out an unfinished spinning project: 3 oz. of BFL blend in the Fireside Chat colorway from the AVFKW Woolly Wonders Fiber Club. I’d already spun one bobbin, so I turned on an episode of Planet Money (great npr podcast, which you can find here), and spun the second half of the fiber, albeit a bit thicker in places than the first.

I made a half-head of romaine-sized portion of my dad’s caesar salad recipe (so good), and returned to the reading. (Sneak peak of my progress on the ripe bananas lap blanket test knit.)

And then I plied and washed the Fireside Chat BFL, and it poofed up. (Yay!) While in the kitchen, I snapped a photo of this very lonely cranberry muffin:

A dozen cranberry muffins – (one rooster reading + one boy writing a dissertation proposal) = one muffin remaining.

Must it be Monday?


6 thoughts on “sunday night spinning.

  1. That seems like a very productive evening to me. Though I do hope that cranberry muffin found some company …

  2. Yes, I hope that poor muffin got to join its siblings eventually… ;)

    The salad looks yummy, and the blanket too (but in a different way, you know what I mean!)

    Your spinning looks lovely, too!

  3. Sigh, it must be! What a productive Saturday, though!! I sat like broccoli all weekend. Couldn’t even get into knitting…. :-)

  4. Looks like you were pretty productive! What a great way to take a break from academic work. Everything looks so yummy, too!

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