Yep. That was the problem. I accidentally yarn-overed at the start of a lace row, when I wasn’t supposed to. And then, in my uncaffeinated stupor, I proceeded to attempt to account for the fact that my stitch count was off, all the way through each section. I know better than to do that, at least when I’ve had my coffee.

I realize that to the untrained eye, these pictures look pretty much like what I posted yesterday. The knitter, however, will notice a key difference: yesterday’s photo has lots of extra yarn in it, suggesting the un-knitting that has just occurred; today’s photos have no such excess yardage, suggesting that things are moving along as intended. And they are. I re-knit the offending row — AFTER a full cup of coffee.

And now I’m off to campus. But since it’s Friday, I’ll leave you with a dose of sweetness:

I thought Friday would never get here. Happy weekend!


10 thoughts on “yo.

  1. The subtle striping in the orange is so pretty. What kind of yarn is it?

    Oh oh, also I’ve been meaning to ask you…. I was thinking about subscribing to a monthly fiber club so that I could spend the dark winter nights spinning. Any suggestions?

  2. Oh, that is some sweetness – what a priceless face on Boh! Glad you found the problem in your knitting, that orange looks so yummy (your handspun, I presume? I am so far behind!)

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Ugh. I’m so sorry about the un-knitting. :( I’ve had similar problems when knitting while drinking wine. So, not enough stimulant or too much depressant = bad for knitting. Despite the frogging, it is still looking really lovely!!

    And the sweetness! I actually said, “AWWW!” aloud when I scrolled down to that photo. So sweet!!!

  4. Glad you have fixed your knitting! I always hate the thought of undoing all the hard work, but after it’s fixed I am so happy to see the results… Your blanket looks quite lovely, and it appears that you have a couple of customers waiting for it to come off the needles! (That’s a really sweet shot – Boh is priceless!)

  5. Luckily we faithful knitters have well-trained eyes and think it looks awesome! I love that orangey-red color — so autumnal.

    And it’s Friday. :-) :-) :-)

  6. Friday!!! Your knitting looks fabulously correct and (correctly) caffeinated. Also: orange! Boh is the sweetest ever.

    We’ve been quoting “Friday” all day today (yeah, we know how to party in the German department) … so in that spirit, we can dream: “’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got sh*t to do.”

  7. happy weekend to you!! the knits are looking lovely and i’m very glad that there is a happy ending to the tale from the previous day which i have also only just read.
    people should not do anything before coffee. kudos to you for testing the theory there, but i sure hope you won’t be repeating it. ever!

  8. I have just one rule for myself. Step away from the yarn still I have the actual cup of coffee in my hands. Sounds like you now have adapted that same rule. I think a lesson made even worse when you are knitting with lace yarn. :) It looks like you are on the right road. Now we can all sit back and watch those beautiful colors unfold.
    Have a great weekend!

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