FO: the second half.

Here’s the rest of the grey alpaca. The top skein (you know, the one closer to the book I should be reading right now), was the softest, highest quality fiber in the bag, and I think you can see the difference when looking at these skeins side-by-side. There’s 70 yards of the softer alpaca, and then another 116 yards of the coarser stuff, bringing the whole lot to 339 yards of light-worsted singles. Can’t wait to see what N. decides to knit out of this stuff!

Last night, after a long day and a dinner of leftovers, we took a break from the kind of work that requires full mental concentration and picked up projects that would allow us to listen to an episode of This American Life. I worked on B’s windschief hat, and I am now ready to start the decreases. He should have a hat to keep him warm by the end of the week. In fact, maybe I’ll knit a few rounds before I tackle the writing I need to do today…


3 thoughts on “FO: the second half.

  1. The alpaca looks wonderful! I am so hooked on alpaca after going to Rhinebeck… The fiber is sooooo soft and lovely! The animals are so cute, too! I wanted to take one home with me!!He was a nice warm caramel color, and so sweet! (I settled instead for a skein of Bare Alpaca fingering yarn – 660 yards of pure heaven!)

    I love your windschief – the colorway is beautiful. What yarn are you using this time?

  2. The singles look great! Good luck with all the reading and writing … I’ve got a list to get through today, too, even though all I want to do it knit …

    p.s. The hat is looking awesome. I love me some WestKnits.

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