lace FAIL.

This morning I sat down with my first cup of coffee and replied to all of your thoughtful comments and advice about lace knitting. And then I picked up ishbel, determined to finish the second chart. I knit another row, and then realized that it just didn’t look right. And so, I ripped. And when I got back to the stockinette portion, I realized I just did not have the patience to pick up 200+ stitches and get them all back on the needle facing the right way. So I just kept ripping.

These photos are from my phone — I didn’t have the energy to get up off the couch to get the camera in order to photograph my failure — but on the whole, I’m in good spirits. One less project on the needles for now, and I’ll be back. There is plenty of lace knitting in my future…but next time I’ll use a lifeline!

Time to get to work!


17 thoughts on “lace FAIL.

  1. Oh man, that is no. good. I think we forgot to tell you that ripping out and wishing you’d placed a lifeline is also a big part of knitting lace.

    Better luck next time! But you won’t need it, next time will be awesome.

  2. Oh bummer! I have to say that happened with my second one, but I cast right back on so as not to lose momentum and it was fine the second time around. Good idea to use a lifeline after the stockinette portion- basically place the dental floss when you’re done with the purl back row. Do it with the right side facing you and push the stitches onto the cable- much easier. If one frogs and wants to get them back on the needles- throw the lifeline in and then knowing your sts are safe pick them back up with a size smaller needle needle. Don’t worry how they are seated at first. Take the original needle and one by one transfer them on correcting the seating as you go. I know it sounds rather laborious, but it works.

  3. Oh and use a 32 inch cable. Much easier as your shawl grows and trying to count all of those sts as well as placing your lifeline.

  4. Bummer, dude! I am having reading-fails. It is hard to rip those out, also hard to get them seated properly on the needles.

  5. Oh no! that’s too bad :( Putting in a lifeline for me is like buying the applecare on the mac. I don’t do it, and then regret it… that yarn is really pretty though.

  6. Sucky. But you’re a strong woman for doing so. I did lots of ripping on ishbel, too. I came to the realization this morning I have to rip out 6 hours of knitting on a dress for my daughter cause it’s too small. :(

  7. I just finished the second of two eyelet sweaters for my twin granddaughters. I did learn to use a lifeline and decided that eyelet is as much lace knitting as I care to do. I admire anyone that has the patience to knit lace.

    I hope your next attempt is successful!

  8. Sadness! I feel your pain. I have knit 4 different shawls using fingering weight yarn and there is always comes a point where I have to rip back at least 3 rows (I blame it on the wine. I do know better than to drink and knit but just can’t seem to help myself). I am currently working with lace weight yarn for the first time ever and as beautiful as it is, I am not liking it much. I have had to rip back twice already. You do beautiful work and I’m sure you will succeed on your next attempt.

  9. Oh…. sigh. 2nd time’s the charm, right?

    I generally don’t use lifelines with lace, but I suppose that admitting that will bring me bad kharma!

  10. Oof. I know how that feels. Glad you’re not in the dumps–lace is good stuff when you’re ready to come back to it!

  11. Feeling your pain. I can now knit backwards as fast as I do forward. Trying to finish a baby blanket before the baby gets here. And think I’ve ripped out nearly as much as I put in. I’m sure there is something beneficial happening–just not sure what at the moment.

  12. Ooh! Bummer! That’s such a pretty color! I’m sure it will be gorgeous once you get back to it.

    I always put a marker between every pattern repeat when I do lace. It makes it so much easier to keep track. I also figured out how to unpick a few stitches at a time and re-knit them, so if I find a mistake a few rows down I can just go back and fix it. Lace is pretty forgiving that way.

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