FO: parritch. (Also, peonies.)

It was humid this weekend, which meant that Parritch took forever to dry. Just before heading out to dinner on Saturday, I considered wearing the still slightly damp skein as a necklace. Awesome, no?

The colors are tough to photograph, but boy, are they lovely. This is 155 yards of sproingy, squishy 3-ply, in the Parritch colorway of some Hello Yarn Fiber Club targhee. I’m tempted to just turn it into a simple cowl, but I might also dig through my handspun pile to see if it might pair nicely with another skein or two so that I can make a bigger, floppier, cozier cowl – or a big comfy shawl. I’ve been inspired by some feather and fan shawls with lots of handspun colorways — and I do have a pile of handspun leftovers to throw into the mix. Just an idea. Also — I am toying with a big handspun pinwheel. Cosy over at cosymakes just finished one and I adore it. Also, I have some wedding gifts to knit this summer, and I’m thinking pinwheel lap blankets. I’ve given three as wedding gifts so far, and my friends seem to really like them. So, onto the eventual to-knit list: pinwheels for weddings, and a pinwheel for me!

Also, I said there were peonies. And there are. I clipped most of the blossoms that were starting to droop down over the driveway, which means there are small jars and vases of peonies in every room. I’ve had a rather exciting twenty-four hours in tenant land, as there is a new/substantial leak that has repeatedly filled my stock pot and prompted a ceiling tile or two to crumble to the ground in the middle of the night (hello, howling dog). I’m hoping the plumber will be here tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to keep spinning and enjoy my peonies. Want to see more of those Corriedale Seasick singles?

Be still my heart. This will definitely be a shawl. But which one?


6 thoughts on “FO: parritch. (Also, peonies.)

  1. Love, love, love the Parritch yarn! I’m sure it would be lovely on its own, but it looks as though it would complement a lot of other colors nicely. Looking forward to seeing what you make out of it.

  2. Gorgeous Parritch! I like the pinwheel idea. I have a few weddings and several new babies to knit for this summer. I can totally sympathize with your water situation. I am exhausted after a weekend of mopping and pumping in my basement after torrential downpours. Hope you have a good week!

  3. Oh no! Leaks in the ceiling are no good. I suppose it’s nice that you don’t actually have to pay to fix it, but I hope the landlord hurries up and gets it done!

    Love the handspun, and I think a pinwheel blanket looks great. I really want to try a Hemlock Ring, so if you get a bee in your bonnet to make one of those, let me know, and we can do a mini KAL.

  4. The targhee is awesome, Amy! I adore peonies. I remember we had them on the tables as centerpieces at our wedding, floating in shallow bowls full of water. Their scent brings back beautiful memories. Also, something called Seasick never looked so good! ;-) I hope your plumbing issues get addressed promptly, water damage is a bummer. As for the handspun shawl, I’m searching for a good one as well. So far I’ve been thinking about Hammelis by Kirsten Kapur. I like it that it’s garter stitch lace, as I think garter always shows off handspun so nicely…

  5. Swoon.

    Hope the leak got fixed and you can concentrate exclusively on spinning …

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