FO: seasick.

405 yards of corriedale singles in the Hello Yarn Fiber Club colorway Seasick. More swooning over here, folks. These colors are so vibrant! I might have spent a good hour on ravelry yesterday drooling over handspun shawls. So many I want to make! (Also, this is way more fun than compiling a draft reading list for my comprehensive exams.)

I might have started spinning more singles. This is BFL from A Verb For Keeping Warm in Sadia. I’m thinking this might become the contrast color in a handspun daybreak shawl? Happy June!


5 thoughts on “FO: seasick.

  1. Reading lists are the worst. Definitely stick with the spinning, it’s so pretty! I love the seasick colors; it will make a deeply awesome shawl.

  2. Ooooh, those colors are the greatest! And I agree about reading lists; I finally got all of mine approved last week. Good luck!

  3. I have a wool plaid jumper that is exactly the colors of your yellow and brown yarn. I made it while in college back in the dark ages. For reasons unknown I still have the jumper. Funny…seeing those colors just bounced me back to 1970! Thanks for the time travel.

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