This is my dad’s caesar salad — a staple of my childhood, and an oft asked for part of my repertoire. (All credit to Dad — I’ve never had a better caesar salad. Ever.) We had dinner at the home of friends on Wednesday, and the salad was requested. I had quite a bit of romaine leftover, and this afternoon, after submitting my grades (see what I did there?) I mixed up another big bowl all for me. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of the semester. (Shout out to brokeknits — this salad on a teal sidetable is, of course, a nod to your signature photo-style.)

Please allow me an awkward transition as we move from a classic caesar to Classic Elite. See, I’ve got this gorgeous purpley laceweight, and I’m kinda sorta thinking it would be perfect with this dress, even though there isn’t exactly purple in the print. What do you think? Am I nuts? I feel like there might be the slightest hint of purple in the transitions from pink to grey, but mostly I’m thinking that this looks nice against the pale pink and the coral. More advice, please!

Also, here’s Boh, post-walk.

And while he napped, I spun the third bobbin of this luscious Hello Yarn targhee in Parritch.  Can’t wait to ply.  Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “classic.

  1. When I first opened this post I was confused and thought I’d arrived on brokeknit’s blog! Love the yarn but not sure of the match? Maybe it’s my monitor? The Parritch. (Porridge. Please, sir! Can I have some more, Sir?) That’s next for me, too. Your doing a 3 ply! I might be copying you (and NJStacie…)

  2. Yay salad! And nice job on submitting grades and the subtle mention. I think the purple looks very cool with the dress. (I just submitted my final paper of the term and am now reading blogs to avoid thinking about it.)

  3. I say go for purple! (And who knew I had a signature style?! Other than, um, “mismatched,” “misguided,” and “from Old Navy”.) Congrats on being done!!! (I caught what you did there.) Hope your summer is starting out right!

  4. No, you are not nuts! That purple is great. It doesn’t match, but it definitely “goes” (which, as I learned from What Not to Wear, is even better than matching). It looks lovely with both the pink and the coral in the dress and I think it’s a nice choice. Definitely more understated than the coraly, orangey handspun (though I still like that option, too).

  5. the way you show the purple makes it’look, I think, darker then im real life Take a bit of the yarn, don’t cut it, and lay it as a very loose butterfly of 5 strands against the fabric (butterfly as in starting winding a ball of wool). Now look again, do you still like it? I bet you even like it better, because the color has softend somewhat and is like the color between grey and pink of the fabric. I have done crosspoint embroidery for years and usually can pick the right color in a shop before looking at the number when I went out of yarn before the work was finished.

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