So pretty. Also, a crucially important step towards completing a big pile o’ grading. (I’m making progress.)

Boh is not helping.

An idea — too orange, right? I had to check the handspun pile. Thank you for all of your shawl and shrug ideas. Right now, I’m leaning towards making a deep pinky-coral colored Citron. And then after that, I’ll make one in handspun. Got any leads on a really good deep pink/coral color in lace or fingering weight yarn? You guys always have the answers.

Also, I found some time to spin up a second bobbin of this Hello Yarn targhee in Parritch. I really have missed my wheel. Alright, back to grading!


8 thoughts on “delphiniums.

  1. I was going to say Malabrigo, too. Maybe also Dream in Color or Colinette Jitterbug? Good luck conquering Mt. Gradealot.

  2. Tosh Lace comes in a pretty coral color called Grapefruit that might fit the bill. It might not fit in that well with a grad student budget (at least not my grad student budget), but I bet it would be a good splurge after some hard grading.

  3. Sorry about the links. Didn’t realize they would set the hairs on your comments on end. :-)

  4. Pagewood Farm- Yukon in Rainbow Sherbet or Fruit Freeze- the links failed to show the colors I chose. :-(

    Handmaiden Seasilk in Sangria

  5. I love the handspun! If the color is the same in real life as it is in the photo, I think it’s spot on, actually. I think it goes nicely with the more coral/orange flowers in the dress and there seems to be a lot of nice pink in it, too. I also really like the reddish Malabrigo Manise linked…the colors Cactus Flower and Molly are pretty, too, but they may be more pink than coral (it’s so hard to tell on a computer screen sometimes). And I’m so excited this special occasion knit of yours might be a Citron!

    P.S. “Dos, a beer” made me crack up so hard this morning…and it’s still stuck in my head. :)

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