boh, a book sale (do, a deer).

At $2.50 a book, I did very well at our local, twice-annual book sale. We’re planning to head back next weekend to check out the fiction, which will be 50 cents a book on Sunday. Awesome.

This picture does not do the subtle colors of Parritch, Targhee from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club, justice. I’m planning a three-ply, and this is bobbin number 1. I’m hoping to spend a little time at the wheel today, perhaps in between bouts of working on my last paper of the semester and grading final exams.

Here’s a knits-in-action shot from last week — looks like the weather is going to be cool and rainy again today, which means I’ll be able to wear my Shalom!

Which will bring us back to Boh, Boh, Boh, Boh, Boh.


5 thoughts on “boh, a book sale (do, a deer).

  1. Woo, book sale! Nice haul. And yeah for wool weather! Good luck with the last of the semester!

  2. Yay for book sales! We’ve been having super hot weather, so I can’t wear my new sweater :(. Gorgeous spinning!

  3. Oh my, that song is going to be stuck in my head all day! Thanks a lot. :) Nice book sale haul! You’ve got to love a good book sale.

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