FO: patchwork (future legwarmers).

Three skeins of worsted weight 2-ply — 150, 140, and 80 yards, respectively, for a grand total of 370 yards of Hello Yarn Fiber Club merino in the patchwork colorway. (Also known as future legwarmers. I can’t wait to cast on.)

I know it doesn’t look like it, but Boh is hard at work in this photo. Boh is breaking in a new, better-fitting slipcover for the couch — this small change makes me feel so much better about my space.

And this is warming in the oven. I have managed to make a peck’s worth of apple crisp in the last few weeks. Clearly, I am in the midst of a scientific experiment to test the following premise: apple crisp fixes everything. (I have not yet disproved my apple crisp theory.)


7 thoughts on “FO: patchwork (future legwarmers).

  1. Very nice! Mmm… apple crisp. The urge to go wild with apple crisp (and applesauce) usually hits me in the fall!

  2. I like your apple crisp theory. Perhaps I’ll have to try it out. You know, purely for the advancement of science. Those legwarmers are going to be awesomely awesome.

  3. Love, love love the patchwork plied! Can’t wait to see the legwarmers.

    {hi, boh}

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