flowers + pie crust = spring break.

And that was today. Windows open, music loud, pie in the oven. Boh spent the morning in a pocket of sunshine on the comforter, and I played in the kitchen and sat at my wheel. We are on spring break. (Which mostly means longer chunks of time to grade exams, read, write a conference paper — but also means we can justify things like longer, more leisurely walks, elaborate kitchen experiments, and having another beer — which is code for not working late into the evening.)

Happy weekend!


8 thoughts on “flowers + pie crust = spring break.

  1. Woo hoo! Sounds like you’re making the most of it!

    I’m officially on spring break now, too. I’m very ready for some R&R (with a bit of grading and research, too), plus a trip to Mpls. to see my family and friends.

  2. Happy weekend to you, too! And HAPPY SPRING BREAK! I hope you get to do a lot more of what you did today, which sounded absolutely heavenly.

  3. I really like the picture of the potted plant on top of the shelf of yarn. Just yummy looking! Is it a geranium? Hope you have a wonderful spring break!

  4. oh i love me them flowers, lady. and your geranium… it looks so hopeful for some reason. give that pup a snuggle for me and enjoy some new england spring for me. tomorrow is the last day of orientation so it’s kind of like spring break on this end… although on tuesday i start 24-hr clinic shifts, so that’s hardly like a vacation… :)


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