plying patchwork (all things P).

Boh was clearly instrumental to the plying process.

Here’s the second bobbin of patchwork singles, spun from the second bump of fiber.

Plying in progress.

Skein #1, hanging to dry. I gave this an extra long bath (okay, I sort of forgot about it), and the resulting 2-ply is particularly plump.

Sigh. This first skein is about 150 yards. I might attempt to ply another bobbin’s worth before heading to campus this morning. I am in love with this stuff.


8 thoughts on “plying patchwork (all things P).

  1. Oh good grief, that’s pretty. Must. learn. to. spin. Maybe Boh could give me some tips? You know, on keeping calm through it all.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets about stuff in the bath. Happens almost every single time I block something…

    This handspun is amazing!!!

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