It’s official. I’m spinning for legwarmers. I acquired a second bump of Hello Yarn merino in Patchwork expressly for this purpose, inspired by these. When Stacey made these out of her Patchwork last month, I knew it was a good idea. I wear my Cascade 220/Madil Kid Seta aqua legwarmers all the time, and with spring around the corner, I’m going to need at least one more pair to keep my ankles warm when I wear flip-flops…

Boh thought he heard something outside while I was spinning.

But then he decided it was no big deal.

This is maybe the 9th baby casserole pan full of apple crisp I’ve made in the last week. And I’m not sure I’m exaggerating. I took the recipe from last week’s apple crisp and essentially halved the apples and quartered the topping to make a less sweet, more apple-y crisp, and I’ve been making this in the evenings, eating a bit for dessert, and then warming up the rest for breakfast. I love it when apples are buy-1/2-a-peck, get 1/2-a-peck free at the orchard!

And here’s my simple things shawl, fresh off the blocking mats. I got a bit more width out of it, and the fabric is so nice and drapey. Win.

Okay, back to work. And apple crisp.


9 thoughts on “patchwork.

  1. ummm …. legwarmers! and handspun at that! ( bet you expected a ‘ummmm YUM apple crisp!).

    i finished my leg warmers last spring, and i actually wore them more in the summer vs. winter (in the summer, i like to wear skirts, and indoors, with the AC on, my lower legs get cold).

    and handspun legwarmers … they sound like the cadillac of legwarmers :)

  2. Super idea for handspun! Beautiful spinning! The one pair of legwarmers I’ve made were for my friend, so I should get on making some for myself.

  3. Those are going to be some awesome legwarmers! All that apple crisp … reminds me to get baking!

  4. That’ll make awesome leg warmers! Nice blocked shot of the shawl. I made bread today- the left over dough I had in the fridge from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes. It was rather sourdoughy as it sat for a week or more- nice tang and bite. Great for dipping into blended veggie soup.

  5. As always, your handspun looks great. Nice colours! I’ve been practising my spinning this weekend and have been thinking about what to make out of handspun yarn. I think socks would felt up very quickly… legwarmers seem to be a nice option. Armwarmers, too, I suppose…

  6. Your shawl blocked out beautifully! I bet you get a lot of use out of that one. I can’t WAIT to see those legwarmers. They’re going to be awesome!

  7. I just made that Apple Crisp for my mother and grandma. Mmmmmmm! We love it! Thank you for the recipe!

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