FO: sour fig.

Boh decided that he wanted to pose alongside my finished skein of Hello Yarn shetland in Sour Fig. This is 201 yards of 2-ply, and I have a second, smaller skein of 85 yards. This stuff looks to me to be mostly sport weight, and I’m wondering if it would make a nice wurm hat. Thoughts? (Too variegated? I am also craving another set of mitts.)

Yesterday also involved this:

And this:

Friday. I managed to eat ALL of that apple crisp last night, this morning, and as a late lunch today. Boh and I just took a nice, sunshine-filled walk around the neighborhood, and I’m hoping that I have energy enough to do a bit more work this afternoon.


6 thoughts on “FO: sour fig.

  1. That yarn looks AWESOME!!!!!!! As does the apple crisp. Good luck being productive this afternoon–hope you have a great weekend!

  2. The yarn is really gorgeous! And I really like that wurm hat pattern (hadn’t seen it before). I like the ones in multi-colored yarns the best. I think this yarn would be super for it!

  3. i ripped out my enormous seamen’s cap last night while huluing grey’s anatomy (very similar… yarn surgery without the crazy sex in closets, right?). i think i am going to CO for this wurm hat with the yarn. do i need to soak it first, i wonder aloud to the world?

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