black beans and sour fig.

I got home from campus this evening and just could not find the energy to tackle anything in the work pile. So I started simmering some black beans in the crock pot and sat down at my wheel.

This is the second bobbin of Sour Fig, shetland from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club. I don’t know what I will make out of this yet, but it will be for me!

The beans weren’t tender yet, so I decided to start plying.

And when I filled my bobbin, I wound the yarn onto my niddy-noddy, counted up my yardage (201!), gave the loop of yarn a bath, and hung it to dry.

It is late. Like, way past my bedtime late. But I’m here, sipping a mug of tea, listening to Nanci Griffith (“I been sifting through the layers, dusty books, and faded papers…), and slowly planning the work I’ll do tomorrow.

I might even ply up the rest of this stuff tonight.


6 thoughts on “black beans and sour fig.

  1. Learned to play “Across The Great Divide” on guitar years ago and singing that second verse was always my favorite part. Don’t stay up too late!

  2. The Sour Fig is lovely! I really need to sit down and spin something – it’s been weeks! Sour Fig would be a great choice. Happy rest of week!

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