FO: paw (a king’s ransom).

I’m sorry about the silly title of today’s post, but with this photo, can you blame me? (Also, I haven’t poured my coffee yet.)

188 yards of 2-ply, dk to light worsted, from 1.5 oz of superfine merino and 1.5 oz. of merino/silk in A King’s Ransom from AVFKW. This is going to become a Lacy Baktus, but I am not allowed to cast on until I finish writing and grading. (I am not allowed to cast on until I finish writing and grading. I am not allowed…)

Also, I snapped more photos of Boh being adorable yesterday. I can’t tell if he is curling up in more photo-worthy poses this week, or if I just notice it more because I am just a few days from being done with the semester and it feels like he is rubbing it in.

A few more days and I’ll be able to do this too!


7 thoughts on “FO: paw (a king’s ransom).

  1. That is going to make a beautiful lacy baktus. You’re almost there! I’ve got one more crazy day today, and then I can focus on Christmas crafting. It’ll still be crazy, but at least it’ll be the fun kind. Good luck with the work!

  2. So close! That is going to be one mean lacy baktus. Good luck making it to the end of the week!

  3. Boh IS being exceptionally cute this week! Even money on your having cast on by the time I post this – lovely, lovely yarn. :)

  4. He’s SO rubbing it in! Or at least taunting you. “You know you want to come curl up next to me…just do it…the grading and writing can wait…doooo iiiiitttt…” Not nice, Boh.

    Pretty yarn! That’s going to make a great lacy Baktus.

  5. If you can sleep like that you won’t need to go to yoga classes! lol My son is on the count down too, one more exam tomorrow morning and his first semester is done. He’s rubbing it in to the rest of us.
    Lovely yarn.

  6. Oh! The head in the paws always slays me.

    Hang in there for these last few days! I’ve finished classes but still have a fair bit of writing and grading to do, so I think I know the feeling.

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