I impulsively bought 2 braids of pigeonroof studios merino in unknown colorways in a ravelry destash earlier this week, and they arrived yesterday.

My plan is to fill a bobbin with each braid, and then ply them together to make a squishy super-sized skein. (I made progress on this first bobbin late last night, not instead of working, but instead of sleeping…)

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could sit at my spinning wheel and produce a conclusion I’m happy with for my paper — along with pretty singles?

Time for coffee and concluding, I hope.


5 thoughts on “pigeonroof.

  1. The time spent at the wheel is meditative and is necessary for you to formulate the next stage in writing your thesis. It all works together.
    NICE fiber bump!

  2. pretty! also: conclusions are overrated. i would suggest just stopping and including a picture of your lovely fiber. (not that i have a conclusion to revise or anything …) on the bright side –> conclusions = almost done.

  3. wow! beautiful. you know, the writing is a process. and part of the process is mulling, and staring at the blank page — or, these days, screen — or spinning sublime fiber. good luck with the conclusions. not that you’ll need it. :-)

  4. That is pretty exciting! I never would have guessed that it would come out looking like that…. I love my vicarious spinning that I get here!

    Hey, you will probably relax and get your paper finished in your head while you are spinning. Knitting tended to work that way for me while I was working on my thesis….

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