sweetness and plying.

That’s the sweetness. Here’s the plying:

I’m going to wind this off onto my niddy noddy and get it into a warm bath — and then, back to work.


4 thoughts on “sweetness and plying.

  1. the adorableness!! it. is. too. much. good luck with the work! and containing all of that Boh-cuteness. also: nice yarn.

  2. Oh my goodness, an animal resting his head on his arm is just about the sweetest thing EVER. (I die when the cat does it.) And look at his little face!

    That’s some nice lookin’ handspun there!

  3. I love the last photo of Boh- love how they tuck their bums under and snuggle their faces in. My labs do that on their round beds- if I walk by their droopy eyes follow me. Nice colorful plying.

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