“no licking library books.”

So now they are almost all on the table.

When I hear myself saying things like “Boh, no licking library books!” I realize that this dog and I really are kindred spirits. I spent a semester or two cataloguing acquisitions in my college library’s dungeon-like basement, and I think the experience solidified my love of the library smell: you know, that musty, secret, layered, hidden whiff of something you just have to learn more about that hits you as you walk through the stacks. Boh clearly likes the smell of old books, too. Which is a good thing, because we’re surrounded by them.

My mom’s Multnomah shawl has entered blob stage, and I think the SWTC bamboo is knitting up beautifully. I’m a few rows from beginning the feather and fan lace, according to the pattern, but I think I might just keep increasing until it feels substantial enough — maybe until I get to the second ball of yarn.

Back to the kitchen table, once I make room for my laptop.


8 thoughts on ““no licking library books.”

  1. Beware the knitting beyond the pattern and thinking the remaining yarn will stretch to fit the increased # of stitches. I got caught by this very thing knitting the Sky Bandit.

    Love the color!!

  2. Well, I know what will be going through my head the next time I visit the stacks. The shawl is looking lovely … hope the research/writing is on the same track …

  3. That library smell is a COMPLETE sleeping pill for me…. I can’t stay awake in a library if I sit down to save my life!! Maybe that is what I should do about my current sleepless state… Go check out library books!!

  4. I love ALL booky smells. Old ones, and especially that new book smell. As soon as I buy one I have to open it to the middle and stick my face right in there. I try to wait until I’m out of the store first ;).

    Your shawl is looking great! She’s going to love it.

  5. Oh how I miss the smell of old library books (and I absolutely love how you described that “hidden whiff of something you just have to learn more about”). I must get to a library immediately.

    Your mom’s shawl is looking gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how the feather and fan knits up in that yarn.

  6. Looking just beautiful! What a lovely combination of pattern and yarn.

    I spend a LOT of time with dusty, musty old books, and they tend to give me the sneezies. :-(

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