beach day, skeined.

I have no words to describe how much I love this skein of yarn. I mean, I may have pulled back the covers on my bed in order to properly photograph it against a suitable backdrop. (Okay, and I cuddled with it a little. Don’t tell anyone.)

This is 160 yards of squishable 2-ply in what looks to be a worsted to heavy worsted range, from 4 oz. of FLUFF sw merino in Beach Day. This was my first FLUFF spin. Halfway through the second bobbin, I may have emailed to get on their fiber club waiting list…

And then I spun some more. See, I accidentally happened upon a Baktus-Along thread in the Snobby Spinners group. I wasn’t planning to find something else to spin for, but a headache that would just not go away changed my plans last night at the very last minute. (Do you ever have headaches that you think are just related to food/hydration that then refuse to go away after you feed them dinner and lots of water? That was me last night, and I would’ve just dealt with it if the plan hadn’t been to go hear some live music. Headache + loud = unhappy rooster. So I pouted a bit, and then sat down at my wheel.)

Right, Lacy Baktus. I dug through the handspun pile, and didn’t find anything that begged to become this pattern, so I overturned a bucket of fiber and fished out A King’s Ransom from the AVFKW Woolly Wonders Fiber Club: 1.5 oz of superfine merino and 1.5 oz of 80/20 merino/silk. Meanwhile, Boh did this:

This is the superfine merino, which is full of subtle color changes.  I wrestled with this fiber a lot in sections, and I wonder if I should’ve tried to open it up a bit before spinning.

This is the merino/silk blend, and it spun like a dream. So fast, so smooth. Part of the way through my first cup of coffee this morning, I sat down to start plying:

Despite what it looks like (you know, that I spent the WHOLE day spinning), I actually wrote a few more pages yesterday, and did some good thinking about my project whilst spinning. I did not, however, begin tackling the pile of grading. (Yesterday, my headache was the excuse.) Today, I need to get on that.


7 thoughts on “beach day, skeined.

  1. That is one gorgeous skein of yarn. And also, I’ve had one of those headaches for three days now. I think for me it’s just stress, combined with staring at a computer screen all darn day. I hope you feel better this morning!

  2. Beautiful. Completely and absolutely. That dog makes me lose all motivation to do anything but curl up on the couch. I love the shot of the bucket ‘o fiber!

  3. Hope the headache is gone. That picture of Boh pretty much captures how I’d like to be spending my day … gorgeous spinning. You’re making me pine for a wheel …

  4. Beautiful! Hope the headache has lifted. I get those too- not fun. How do you like your book Spin Control by Amy King?

  5. I hope you feel better soon. Or maybe you need to take Boh’s lead and go down for a nice snooze. Obviously he is not concerned today.

    Simply stunning yarn. Yea, too sophisticated for a kid knit.

  6. Nice! That sounds like quite the day.

    Lacy Baktus is such a neat pattern — can’t wait to see it knit up in your handspun! I’m thinking about using some precious Madelinetosh sock yarn I picked up in Portland for one.

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