the perfect combination.

Spinning and reading, the heft of a pile of hardcover books and the squish of handspun skeins, superwash merino and the late nineteenth century…

I was so excited about how this was looking that I stopped plying to grab the camera.

This is 170 yards of super squishy heavy worsted 2-ply from the second 4 oz. of Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino in the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds colorway. LOVE. Love so much that I could set aside my writing and grading and cast on for mittens for me right now. But I’m not going to. Why? Because I don’t have to do what the yarn says all the time. Really.

Actually, I spun this with a particular as yet not fully formed human being in mind, but now that I see it all skeined up, all that pink might get in the way of my plans to knit a non-gender specific baby something. Thoughts? (Sorry guys, if you were hoping to be completely surprised. While I’m sort of banking on the fact that you’re too busy prepping for the big day and might not read this, I do need the advice of the internets.)

Which brings me back to my love affair with my wheel, and my decision last night to start spinning some FLUFF superwash merino in Beach Day.

(Artificial evening light above, natural morning light below.)

I think what I really need to do is swatch to see how the colors look all knitted up. And keep spinning this bee-yoo-ti-ful FLUFF fiber. Oh, and keep writing. Perhaps in the reverse order.


7 thoughts on “the perfect combination.

  1. So nice! I see it as girlie though, more pink than for a boy.
    You make me wish I could ditch all my work this morning to spin too. :)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. I think it’s totally fine for a boy or girl, but I tend to think babies look great in all colors. It reminds me of sea glass and sea shells, and that seems pretty gender neutral, too. Maybe do a swatch and see how much of the pink shows up?

  3. Both are so pretty! Pink or no pink, what baby wouldn’t love some handspun goodness to wear? Also, I wish my academic life knew how much it was getting in the way of my crafting life. Seriously, I have a pair of socks to finish, I can’t be bothered with this “paper writing”.

  4. Why not use the FLUFF for the baby knit?! It’s SW Merino (good for babies) and it’s gender neutral and you can keep it as singles to make a fast project. You could knit a cute little vest, or a hat and bootie combo…

    Then you can keep the gorgeous 2 ply and make yourself the mitts you want!

  5. Love the green stuff, it’s gorgeous. The reddish tone in the top skein is looking more salmon orange on my screen, fine for any gender as far as I’m concerned. I loved lots of colors on my babies, but hated gender specific pastels, my personal pet peeve.

  6. You’ve got pink and blue in there, so I think it would work! What were you planning for a baby out of heavy worsted? I love the way the colors twist together…. And can’t wait to see the swatch!

    Almost a week after surgery, I am able to knit again, which makes me very, very happy. I have fallen in love with the cowl. :-)

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