I uploaded photos from my camera this morning and noticed a theme.

slaw tartare

safety pins

winter storage bob2

From the top: an impromptu lunch of slaw tartare with red cabbage from the farm, safety pins to keep my favorite jeans modest enough to wear out of the house, and the very pink beginnings of the second bobbin of the Winter Storage colorway I’m working on (my first project with my wheel’s fast flyer).

This rooster needs another cup of coffee!



6 thoughts on “pink/purple.

  1. I think your spinning is (obviously) influencing the other colors in your life. Good thing that fiber is so pretty.

  2. If you ever happen to be passing by, maybe on the way to H’s house, with Boh, let me know. Ella loves dogs, asks for one every day, and looks at Boh’s picture on your posts. We would love to walk with you two!

  3. Mmm….slaw tartare…

    I agree with brokeknits that your spinning is influencing the pink/purple theme. I can imagine that spending the time spinning up those pretty hues has made you pick them out elsewhere.

  4. That’s funny – I’m on a plum/eggplant/purple kick now too. Purple purse, purple and wine yarn, and a single skein of Noro Silk Garden lite with pink and purple I keep tossing around tryin to decide what to do with it. I think it needs a mate of the same and be Ishbell…

    Your spinning looks great, as always! :)

  5. ha! I have some jeans like that that I’m working very hard to get back into! I call them my Canasta jeans because they give me an unfair advantage when playing cards with my husband. ;o)

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