bracken try on2

bracken try on1

Apologies for the terrible photos — I realized this morning that I could really use an extra arm to help hold up the vest AND take pictures. (Cleaning the mirror wouldn’t be a bad idea either.) In these pictures, the vest looks super short, but that’s because I happen to be wearing a long shirt with pockets today. In real life, this seems to hit at the top of my hips, right around the waistband of my jeans, and I think that’s what I want.

Unrelated but adorable:

boh paws book

If you’re not going to read that, paws off.

boh forlorn

If anyone wants pouting lessons, I’m sure this guy has all the proper certifications necessary to teach beginner and advanced classes.


9 thoughts on “vest-ness.

  1. The vest is looking awesome! And I would totally put Boh to work on the reading and writing … as well as brining in some extra income with these pouting classes.

  2. Haha…Boh is *helping*! He’s trying to do some of your reading for you…what a pal. :)

    I am loving your vest and it makes me realize that I am in DESPERATE NEED of a Bracken of my own. Like, I have absolutely no other knits in my closet and I must make one right now.

  3. OMG! I just found your lovely blog…knitting, cooking and dogs…my 3 passions (add collecting vintage junk to the list). Anyway, a really pretty and fun blog. So glad to have landed here (from somewhere–clickety clickety click, right?).

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