so good.

so good1

so good 2

This is what happens whenever I (a) put on socks or shoes or (b) put on another layer. It gets pretty cold in my apartment in the middle of the day, which means that I’m often adding layers without planning to go outside. Boh has developed a two-pronged strategy: (a) sit directly in front of the door and (b) sit up very tall, almost as if to say “See? I’m being SO good.”

brack inc

I managed another inch or so on my bracken vest this morning, and I’m optimistic about my productivity for the day: laundry is in the dryer, granola is in the oven, and it is time to dig into the work pile. Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “so good.

  1. I can’t wait to see your vest. For a minute I thought we were knitting the same thing — then I realized dog hair all over works in progress makes them look the same. How can you resist not taking that dog for a walk with that look on his face?? Have a good week.

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