Several treats have arrived here at chez Rooster over the last few weeks, and I am overwhelmed. (I’ll have another to share once I’ve settled on the best way to display it!)

haber fiber

A dear friend found herself at the Common Ground Fair in Maine in September, and picked up six ounces of gorgeous wool/merino blend fiber dyed in lovely blues and greens from Friends’ Folly Farm. It arrived over the weekend, and I can’t wait to get this on the wheel.

seaman 3

Last night, Boh and I headed over to see our favorite greyhound and his people. Popcorn was popped, NPR was switched on, and  I started my third seaman’s cap. This one is out of the dark green polwarth from Southern Cross Fibres that I spun a few weeks ago.

stripes too warm

Yesterday morning I pulled on my stripes! sweater, thinking that maybe it was getting cold enough that I’d need the warmth as I sipped my coffee. I was too warm after only a few minutes…but soon!


8 thoughts on “treats.

  1. Nice fiber! I have some fiber from them hiding out in the stash somewhere. Nice stripey sweater!

  2. That stripey sweater looks so cozy! I just got to wear a hand-knit sweater over the entire weekend and it was bliss—I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours soon enough!

  3. I cannot tell you how much it makes me smile to see you wearing your Stripes! I don’t know if it’s been colder up here, or if I just get colder easier than you do, but I’ve been wearing sweaters like crazy lately!

  4. Cute and cheerful sweater! Looks like a great thing to wear on a grey day.

    We’re pretty much in the middle of sweater season already around here.

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