pie for breakfast/vestvember.

pear pie 1

I wake up when the light starts poking through my windows, so this whole daylight savings thing really works to my advantage. Don’t get me wrong, I hate that it is dark before I leave campus in the afternoons, but in terms of rooster productivity levels, 6:30 am as the new 7:30 am makes it seem like I have lots of time to get things done. So yesterday I baked myself a pie for breakfast — pear pie, to be precise.

pear pie 2 boh

Boh is guarding the kitchen. Or waiting for pie.

pear pie 3

I may have also eaten pie for lunch.



Never a dull moment with this dog around.


Ummm, have you guys heard about Vestvember? Yep, that’s right: VESTvember. Well, I’ve had the yarn and pattern for a vest sitting here for months, so I decided that since I’m a joiner (which is not necessarily the same as being a finisher…) I would at least cast on my vest project this month and enjoy all of the vesty inspiration occurring over on ravelry. This is Bracken, a button-up vest that I’ve been admiring for quite awhile now. I’m knitting it out of some Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool in a deep brownish purple. I got st gauge on size 6s, but my row gauge is a little bit off. It looks like the pattern includes lengths (inches/cm) in most places instead of number of rows to knit, though, so I should be okay.


You should totally cast on for a vest this month. (Everybody’s doing it.)

I tucked the remaining pie into the oven to warm when I poured my coffee, and delicious pear-y aromas are wafting towards the computer…time for breakfast!


9 thoughts on “pie for breakfast/vestvember.

  1. I really love your blog. It’s one of my newfound favorites.
    I wish I was a fellow Vestvemberer, but the lace was calling to me instead and now I have a slowly growing stole. I kind of just wish I could knit everything though.

  2. I think pie for breakfast is the only appropriate response to the question: how to fix Monday morning? Good luck with all of the heady Vestvember shenanigans — the pattern looks awesome.

  3. Looks yummy! Pie for breakfast is a good thing. Add a little vanilla ice cream and you’ve hit 3 food groups. :-)

  4. I love the idea of pie for breakfast. Now that I see EVERYONE casting on for Vestvember, I think I must too. There may be some yarn and a pattern that’s been lurking in my stash/queue for ages.

  5. I think he is waiting for pie. That makes me want pie! I wonder where I could get pie for lunch??

  6. That pie looks amazingly yummy. That dog is going to tumble off that couch! I’m SO into vests lately! I’m in the middle of one for my Dad and I just bought yarn for not one but two for myself. And I have another planned for the boy. Bracken looks like a good one.

  7. Oh, pie, yum!! That’s my idea of a great and delish breakfast.
    I just cast on for a coat and have a short sleeved turtleneck to knit – or I’d join you! I want to knit the mondo cable vest before Christmas — maybe I can get to that by the end of Nov.

  8. Mmm….pie for breakfast sounds like just about the most wonderful thing EVER. Mmmm….

    My friend just made a Bracken and it’s a very pretty vest — I can’t wait to see yours!

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