A bunch of folks from my department went out for Korean food this week, and I ate some incredibly yummy (and spicy) kimchi. My farm share included Chinese cabbage, and while I had initially been envisioning a hearty stir-fry, kimchi thoughts took over when I opened my fridge to make lunch on Friday. I got out The Joy of Pickling (I can’t recommend this book enough), and there were a handful of kimchi recipes to choose from. I started with the basic recipe, soaked my cabbage in brine from 12 hours, and then yesterday, added the scallions, garlic, ginger, pepper, and sugar. (Go get a pickling book for ratios and instructions!) I didn’t realize that kimchi only needs to ferment for 3-6 days, which means that I’ll get to taste-test this week!

food mill applesauce

Yesterday afternoon, I realized I was pouting, so I decided to be proactive about it. Applesauce makes everything better, so I dashed up to the orchards and picked out a peck of Golden Delicious and a peck of Cortland apples. Fifteen minutes later, I was chopping apples in the kitchen, and soon the apples were simmering away on the stove. I made two batches. I leave the skins on, and then I pour the whole pot-full through the food mill to smooth out the sauce. Yum.

try on p and s1

try on p and s 2

Also, look! My plain and simple pullover is growing! I decided that it might be a good idea to try it on, and I am quite happy with the fit. This is going to be the perfect drapey short-sleeved sweater to pull on over a long-sleeve tee. Also, this marks the end of the first ball of yarn — 665 yards (8 oz) of local fingering-weight undyed alpaca.


Time for yarn-winding! Also, how did it get to be November? (For the record, I did not knit a single sock this October. I’m nothing if not consistent…)


9 thoughts on “kimchi.

  1. I have a pickling book somewhere- not sure if it’s the Joy of. What are the ziploc bags doing crammed into the top of the jars? Curious. :-)

    That’s exactly how I make applesauce too. I leave the cores in too and love the flavor and color esp if the skins are reddish. My mom made applesauce when we were kids in Greece. The apples she used were a Starkey variety and another very similar to the Arkansas Black which would make glorious deep pink applesauce. She also added a small piece of lemon peel to the cooking apples which I also do.

    Your sweater is looking great!It’ll be the perfect comfy sweater.

  2. Yum! Hope the applesauce helped … though it certainly couldn’t hurt. The sweater is looking lovely! I love the natural grey/white/pretty color.

  3. Mmmm… applesauce. I haven’t made a batch yet this year! I sometimes go the lazy route and just cook the apples until everything pretty much falls apart and then poke at it with the potato masher until it’s a chunky sauce.

    The sweater’s knitting up very nicely, and it looks like it could become a real winter wardrobe staple!

  4. Kimchi! Makes my head explode!

    I love homemade applesauce and haven’t bought any from the store since realizing how easy it is to make! I kinda do what Jodi does and it works great.

    The sweater is looking great. I might end up this year not finishing one sweater which is so pathetic.

  5. Yummy! You’re always so inspiring with your cooking. I should make applesauce too. Your sweater’s looking great! Yesterday I signed up to test knit a sweater, too. Seemed like a fun idea.

  6. Oh yum, I need to make some apple sauce again.
    Your plain and simple looks great – definitely going into my queue!

  7. Mmmm, kimchi! It’s been so long since I had some (I really don’t know if there a decent Korean restaurant near where I live, and I’m not adventurous enough to try to make my own). I’ll be interested to hear how yours turns out!

  8. Firstly, YUM. I cannot wait to hear how the kimchi is…it looks delicious! And your pullover is gorgeous! It looks so soft and is that perfect shade of grey.

  9. I forget which post of yours I first read the recommendation for that book (joy of pickling). but I put it on my amazon wish list, and got it for christmas! funny thing is, I got two other books for christmas that also have kimchi recipes! so I’ll be pickling, and kimchi-ing, and generally preserving along with you this year :)

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