norwegian tomato button bags.

Ahh, Friday. Today’s title is a mixture of elements from each of the things I have to show you. (It has been a long week.)

norwegian top fiber


This is Norwegian top, from the big, basic fiber order I placed right when I got my wheel. It is softer than it looks, but I’m not quite sure how to tame all of these super short fibers. I divided my 8 oz into 2 chunks, and I’m working on turning the first 4 oz. into some basic 2-ply. I’m interested to see what happens once I ply and set the twist. Anybody have experiences with this fiber to share?

tomato jam

Last night I made this tomato jam. I am planning to bake bread today in order to enjoy it. I am very, very excited.

babybelleneeds buttons

As you can see, I won my race with my ball of handspun — and I even had about 15 yards leftover. Next up: blocking and buttons!


Also, yesterday was full of surprises! First up, this set of Baggu bags arrived from Joy the Baker, along with a lovely note about how I’m a winner. (I needed that.) I cannot wait to take these to the farm this week. Plus, I heard from a college friend who just happens to be within a few hours of New Home, so she is driving down for the day!


7 thoughts on “norwegian tomato button bags.

  1. What nifty bags, they look like they have solid handles.
    I’ve not heard of tomato jam, but I’m drooling at the thought of fresh baked bread.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. The baby sweater is beautiful. I’m picking out patterns for a knitted baby gift and that one is at the top of the list.

  3. Or: wool jam sweater joy. I can’t wait to see how the Norwegian wool spins up … the sweater is so very very sweet! You handspun looks gorgeous knit up.

  4. Baby sweater is adorable! I hope you enjoyed that jam and bread with a nice glass of wine–given how productive you’ve been this week, you’ve earned it!

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