106 yards of 2-ply, light worsted, from 2 oz. of pinky-purple falklands fiber from AVFKW in the hollyhock colorway.

Despite what you’ve seen here lately (Mara, this baby sweater, lots of pink spinning), pink is not my favorite color in real life, but I am always really happy with the pinks in my fibery projects. I hated pink as a child, and as soon as I headed off to college, my parents painted my bedroom what I like to call “pepto bismol” pink. (That pink is still not okay.)

bbelleprog sleeve


I’m loving how this is knitting up, but I’m getting to that place where I’m concerned I may run out of yarn. With this in mind, I stopped the sleeves at 4 inches, so these will be 3/4 length, rather than full length. I even caught myself knitting faster last night…fingers crossed!


7 thoughts on “pink.

  1. Ha! I came back from camp one summer to discover my bedroom painted pepto pink. My parents had asked before I left what color I wanted it, and I said black. Bad idea… Too much time listening to the Cure, I suppose.

  2. I grew up in a Pepto Bismal pink room with bright pink and orange shag carpet. It was hideous. When my daughter was about 5 she wanted her room pink. I hated every ounce of paint I rolled on the walls… lol Now she’s 15 and wants white. I was out to the store buying white paint as fast as I could. Whew!

    Pink on baby girls is adoreable though. The baby belle sweater is prettier in each new photo.

  3. I also disliked pink as a child and swore I wouldn’t dress my daughter in pink. That’s changed. She LOVES pink and wears it every chance she gets. It does look great on her, so I’m warming to it. Your sweater is looking super cute! Don’t worry about running out of yarn – it will look really cute a bit short (if it is) because of the flouncy bottom.

  4. The pink in this cute sweater really works well because it is subtle and it’s handspun!! Knitting faster to stay ahead of the end of the yarn also works well.

  5. Pink was my sister’s favorite color and purple mine growing up. I do however love a soft pink now that I am grown. Your sweater is indeed knitting up beautifully!

  6. Pretty in Pink, indeed. (Delicious low-hanging fruit.) I hope you can out-knit your yarn … the sweater is looking so cute.

  7. I never thought I’d like something with pink in it. You’ve sold me! It’s lovely, and I like the way you’ve dstributed the colours. Hmm . . . run-out stress (similar to ‘burn-out’ only spinner-specific).

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