feeling antsy.

I’m not exactly sure why — maybe because it is early enough in the semester that I don’t quite have a routine yet, maybe because getting back into this particular mode of being is a bit of a struggle — but last night I felt just plain antsy, like I should be getting things done, even though I was tired. I think one of the reasons there is such crossover between the land of knitters and academia is that knitting is a way to see what you are producing, to hold it in your hands. Sometimes, even though there is a pile of reading staring at me, I just need to really see my own progress on something slightly more tangible.


Hence, my baby belle. I just have the sleeves and the button band left to do, and I love how this is turning out. Also:


I plied the bobbins of the green falklands fiber in the hollyhock colorway together, and set the twist.



110 yards of 2-ply, from 2 oz. of fiber. You may recall that the other half of this bump is pale pinks and purples. I may have spun up the remaining 2 oz. before bed last night…


I’m taking a class that is exciting to me, although it is out of my field — and out of my comfort zone. I may ply the rest of the hollyhocks falklands fiber this morning in preparation  — the fibery equivalent of a few deep breaths?


6 thoughts on “feeling antsy.

  1. Amen. Getting started again is always a challenge. Especially as my summer routine of drink-coffee-in-pajamas all morning doesn’t seem to cut it. Good luck with the spinning and the course! The fiber arts can only help — Mara got me through Freud.

  2. Baby belle looks adorable.
    I find myself anxious and restless at the start of every fall, even though weather wise Sept. is my favourite month of the year. Maybe I need to spin more… ?

    Hope your morning spinning brought you the breathes and peace you’re hoping it will.

  3. I’m really struggling to adjust, too. Not that my summer wasn’t full of academic stuff, but transitioning from comps reading to busy days full of meetings and teaching and whatnot is really tough! I keep wanting to get to the knitting, but am so busy right now I hardly have time.

    Good luck with your classes! I’m curious about the class you’re taking out of your field.

  4. That is adorable!

    Must. have. baby. (or at least get pregnant) before I start knitting adorable ruffled baby things.

    Or at least need to have a pregnant friend.

  5. Baby Belle looks great! The colors are gorgeous…great use for your handspun.

    And I totally know how you feel with the antsiness. I’m convinced that one of the main reasons I knit is because I have an office job and everything I produce is in electronic form. There is very rarely a product of my work that I can hold in my hands (well, print-outs I guess, but it never really feels satisfying) and I really need that!

  6. Baby Belle’s looking marvelous, and kudos to you for going beyond your comfort zone. I really think that’s the best way to grow as a scholar — it gives us something new to bring back into our main area of focus, or it can send us off in exciting new directions.

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