handspun baby belle.



Yesterday Boh and I began winding the yarn I spun specifically for baby belle, an adorable baby sweater by cosy of cosymakes.



I cannot get over how cool it is to see my handspun in yarn cakes. The yarn is superwash BFL (so soft!) from AVFKW in the Pointillism colorway.


Although the pattern is written for a main color and a contrast color, I decided that I’d rather have the yellows blend into the pinks and greys, instead of alternating between the two. I started using 8s, but the fabric was just a little too open and sloppy, so I went down to size 7s, which are just right.


I do have a baby in mind for this sweater. I’m knitting the 6-month size, in hopes that she’ll grow into it as winter approaches. I was up late knitting this — I just couldn’t put it down until I separated the sleeve stitches from the body — and now I’m going to knit a few more rows with my second cup of coffee before I head to campus.


8 thoughts on “handspun baby belle.

  1. I love how Boh has brought his toys over in the first pic so that he can play, too! He definitely has the spirit of playing with yarn!! Doggie love.

  2. I love your posts and hate that I get so far behind. What? You are back in school for the year and made a beautiful shawl (w/ some lace, natch) for your friend, and SAUERKRAUT? Dude. The Sauerkraut makes you my hero ;) The rest makes me very happy for you – including your handspun baby belle on the way!

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