MIA (mara in action).






18 rows to go. I was intending to work on it tonight, but I accidentally (?) had a few beers after class today, and really should not work on it.


Late last night, after doing substantial work on the shawl, I decided that while I could no longer look at lace charts, I wasn’t quite ready for bed. So I spun a bit of luscious falklands fiber.


This is the first of four ounces of lovely falklands fiber in the hollyhock colorway from A Verb For Keeping Warm. There are two ounces of this green, adn two in a lovely pinky-pale purple. I’m spinning each color separately into a 2-ply, with the thought that I’ll make something stripey…eventually.


This is what Boh looks like right now, and I’d say it accurately conveys how I feel at this particular moment — and it is only Tuesday. Hello, September.


10 thoughts on “MIA (mara in action).

  1. “accidentally had a few beers”.

    i love it.

    i’ll call you soon. things here are OK, not much better than that. i hope ‘back to school’ is as fun as always!!! (just kidding, i kind of wish i were joining you…)


  2. The picture of Boh is fantastic. Jasper has been looking much the same when he isn’t outside rolling in the yard. But he loves winter, so he’ll perk up soon.

    Perfect season for Mara–I hope you are able to finish and enjoy it soon.

  3. Oh, it looks just gorgeous! Very cozy and elegant at the same time, which is a hard combination to master.

    Beer accidents can be the best accidents. :-)

  4. The mara looks great out and about! Glad to hear that the beer accident didn’t lead to a lace accident — just some yummy fiber! Amen to a rude awakening in September. Is it time for fall break yet?

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