school on monday.

When I was in college, “School on Monday” was one of the preferred cheers at the big football game that occurred the weekend before Thanksgiving, because we had the whole week off, while our opponents had to return to class for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the holiday. I heard it in my head when I woke up this morning, only this time, I’m starting life as a professor on Monday. My syllabi are done, but I want to proofread them again before I make copies. And I need to plan out the actual Monday class meetings — one class is a seminar, and the other is a lecture. I’m nervous, of course, but also excited to be in the classroom again, and sort of ready to be done anticipating all of it. Next week I’m sure I’ll feel like I’ve been thrown into the deep end, but right now I feel sort of ready to jump, if that makes any sense.  So I have no idea how regularly I’ll be posting here as I settle into a work routine. So here are a handful of pictures from our preparation for the semester. Hope you’re all well.

aug21 - 2


aug21 - 3

Huge mushrooms on the quad.

aug21 - 4

This guy, posing.

aug21 - 5

And watching me from the couch. (He does this a lot, and I find it so funny. At the lakehouse, the couch was pushed up against the wall, so this wasn’t really an option.)

aug21 - 6

An orangey-rust flowy dress that makes me happy.

aug21 - 7

A peach-blueberry pie I made.

aug21 - 8

Patio furniture acquired! (Hooray for Craigslist, and for the young men who offered to deliver this to me because the table was about two inches too big to fit in my car.)

aug21 - 9

Tomato tart. Which was enjoyed before that peach blueberry pie.
aug21 - 1

Boh, with his new favorite toy, a plush bone he got from our new vet. Happy Friday, friends.


9 thoughts on “school on monday.

  1. It looks like things are going well! Good luck on Monday!! I always love the first day of school, and it’s so exciting that you’ll be Dr. Rooster this time around. Hope you have a wonderful group of students and a lot of fun with your first semester in your new place. :)

  2. As a high school teacher, I know exactly what you mean about being ready to start. There is always a point when it becomes “time, already!” I thought Boh’s toy was a bow tie at first glance!! Too cute! Best wishes as you begin your new year!

  3. Have a wonderful first day of school! As a retired teacher, I remember always feeling the nervousness and the excitement of that first day! Be true to who you are and you’ll do fine!
    Boh looks so cute eyeing you over the sofa.

  4. Now I want popcorn! And pie. And tart. Actually, I just want you to come cook for me.

    I was thinking this week about how I “found” you in the first place—it was when I saw your Mara shawl and loved it and thought it was far too hard for me to make. Well, I still haven’t knitted that pattern yet, but now I know I could. And I will. Good luck with your new adventure.

  5. I hope everything’s going well for you so far! Good luck! I absolutely know what you mean by being ready to jump despite feeling like you’ll be in over your head.

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