and it’s july.

I always forget how intense summer session courses can be. Three weeks of daily discussion sections have gone by in a flash, and it’s July. Yesterday I took my first swim in the lake. And Boh and I have two more weeks here in the lake house, and in our sweet small town, before we move on to our next adventure. Here are a few snippets from the last few weeks:

july11 - 1

A porch pancake breakfast with friends who came to visit for the holiday weekend.

july11 - 2

We had a dinner party! And a galette! (Tomato, corn, zucchini, scallions, and parmesan.)

july11 - 3

Dick: The Game. (A Moby-Dick themed version of Cards Against Humanity. Yes, we are nerds, and proud of it.)

july11 - 4

This face.

july11 - 5

These falls.

july11 - 6

These flowers, in between where I park my car and where our summer course was held. I’d turn the corner each morning and just breathe them in.

july11 - 7

Packing. I started with the knitting books — I didn’t realize I have so many! The box pile is slowly growing, and the movers will be here in just under two weeks…


3 thoughts on “and it’s july.

  1. Summer classes are so intense! I actually taking them — teaching them, on the other hand, not so much…

    Everything looks delish, and I’m guessing that moving away from lakeside/college town living will be bittersweet. Hope the move goes smoothly!

  2. I so enjoy your blog. I have been an active reader for sometime, never commented. I found you from knitting and enjoy your projects….. And that wonderful, cuddly Boh. We have 3 dogs… One who lives to sit on your legs whilst knitting- her litter mate just wants to play ball, insisting you play during each row and counting. The other dog sits quietly nearby.
    Congratulations on your recent graduation-job-and upcoming move. So good you have a nice quiet past time to help with all the transitions. Knitting is so good for the soul/spirit. Good luck on where you are off to.

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