Hello, friends. This is pretty much what it looks like here at Chez Rooster. Except there’s more snow. (Which means there’s been a lot more shoveling…)


Sweetness from Boh.


A ridiculous outfit I found myself wearing sometime last week, and had to document.


Wrinkles. Snoring. Swoon.


Some mornings, this is the look I wake up to.


And some knits in action. Because if I’m not really knitting right now, at least I should be enjoying handknits, right? (Also, forgive this silly pose. If I want my neck in the picture, which is where the knitwear is, but also want you to be able to see my boots, some awkward posing is necessary. And I’m sure the hand on the hip is thanks to plenty of social conditioning. I cringe.)


I have been wearing the heck out of this handspun eternity scarf. I think the fiber was Pigeonroof Studios merino, and it is so so so soft.



Some grading and editing work at the coffee shop this morning. I treated myself to a dinosaur cookie.

Boh and I are hanging in there — lots of things are up in the air, and the to-do pile grows ever larger. Thankful for a long weekend to try to catch up a little bit. Hope you’re all well — and warm in your knits!


4 thoughts on “february.

  1. Boh … always looking forward to pics of him. I’d NEVER take a photo of what I look like when I know I will neither be outdoors nor have a visitor. I keep the thermostat set low so I could be wearing a loosely knit cap, sometimes an eternity scarf if the sweatshirt has a large neck, sweatshirt and socks and possibly thin longjohns. Oh my. It’s frightening but my furry creatures love me anyway. haha I love your neckwear, especially the eternity scarf!

  2. Rockin’ the knitwear! That’s how to make it through a long, cold winter. Good luck with everything that’s on your plate!

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