First up, I knit a tiny hat for my best friend’s son. He’s just about six months old, and I’m hoping this will help keep him warm this winter.


Boh’s ears have been particularly entertaining this week.


Snowbird’s out-of-the-house debut! You can see here that the shoulders aren’t quite right; I think they are too shallow for my arms. But the most important part of Snowbird is that it covers my butt. Perfect for covering up for heading to the gym. (Boots because of the snow!)


More sweetness, and a huge arugula salad.




“Helping.” No matter that his ears are actually in the way.


One ear up for couch lounging.


And this series is from this morning.


From a look of complete boredom–what, you don’t like my conclusion?


To full-on, quite loud snoring. I love this dog.


7 thoughts on “routine.

  1. All sorts of good things here! I love the handspun tiny hat — so sweet. And Boh… he just melts your heart.

    Snowbird looks super cozy. It’s so hard to know how shoulder will turn out.

  2. Great knitting projects and Snowbird is still gorgeous. And speaking of gorgeous and being a camera hog – Boh is such a delight! Truly. Lucky you :) Best of all – we get to share in the moments :)

  3. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while — came for the knitting, stayed for the Boh pictures. I’m glad to see you back. And the Snowbird looks great!

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