at year’s end: a baby hat, an eternity scarf, a hat project.


A baby hat for my cousin’s second daughter, born a few weeks before Christmas Day. (I enjoyed some serious baby time on Christmas Day, the wee one out cold in my arms. This hat is too big for her, but she was wearing it anyway. Yay!)


Our traditional Christmas Eve meal: French onion soup and quiche Lorraine. This might be the first time I’ve ever snapped a picture of it.


Also traditional: the Christmas Bloody Mary. Yum.


This is the beginning of a hat project for P., our October houseguest. Everything in the house broke that week, and P. was pretty awesome about helping with (read: doing) re-lighting the pilot light on my furnace, locating the source of the water spraying all over my basement, and keeping me company on the porch while we waited for the power company to check out a potential gas leak. These are not the sorts of things houseguests are supposed to do, and so I volunteered to make him a hat! Stay tuned for more in progress pictures of this handspun seaman’s cap.




Plyed, but not washed yet.


A Boh interlude.


More Boh, and the beginnings of a handspun eternity scarf I knit for myself amidst work-related stress.


That was fast. This is merino I spun at least a year ago and it is SO soft.


Here’s the beginning of P.’s hat. Such lovely dude colors.


And here’s Boh, cuddling with my bright pink Mara shawl. And that should get us to the New Year. I’ll be back soon with more knitting and spinning from the beginning of 2014. (And thanks, you guys, for the comments, and for being here. I’m sorry I’m so behind on comments. I might just archive them and try to start fresh with my responding. Thanks for understanding.)


9 thoughts on “at year’s end: a baby hat, an eternity scarf, a hat project.

  1. I love seeing what people are knitting with their handspun. I find it so hard to bring myself to actually knit with mine, all I want to do is snuggle and pet it.

  2. I LOVE the handspun! I’m learning to spindle spin now (looks like you have a wheel?). I’ve just received a book, Respect the Spindle, by Abby Franquemont. I’m hoping it will help me with what to do after spinning and before knitting. ha. Do you have a book or source that was particularly helpful?

    Beautiful knits, food, etc … but Boh still tops the list. :-)

  3. Happy happy New Year! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday season…and got some lovely knits off the needles as well!

  4. so Nice to see what you and Boh have been up too! What beautiful handspun, truly will be a gorgeous hat!

    Happy 2014 to you!

  5. Great pics and knitting projects!

    Glad that the holidays were special and here’s hoping you find some balance and time to rest and relax more in the New Year!

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