nothing to see here, folks.

That’s right. No knitting. I did pull on a handknit, handspun hat the other night, though, walking home from an incredible Neko Case concert. (Go see her on this tour. Amazing.) The hat was cozy and comforting. Maybe with the weather turning, I’ll find my way back. Things these days are full out: dissertation writing, course prep, job and fellowship applications, side projects. I seem to still be trying to be on top of my to-do lists for fall — how is tomorrow November?

The good news is that there’s plenty of sweetness ’round these parts. See?


Pie, the product of a request for a crust lesson. (We had a fantastic houseguest earlier this month.)


And then there’s this kind of sweetness.


And this. Love this dog.


Oh, and I guess I should show you this — closest thing I’ve got to knitting is knits in action. Grabbed my Kerrera sweater from the bin a few mornings ago when the temps dropped down into the 30s. (Forgive my filthy mirror.) I’m not quite ready for it to be this cold, but I imagine this will be in heavy rotation on cold mornings. Which knits do you wear when it starts to turn cold?


5 thoughts on “nothing to see here, folks.

  1. Glad to know you are still about – even if not here often. Sometimes we have to spend the time living the world. The important thing is that you find some breathing room and space for yourself in your busy schedule.

    Ahhh the cold. Brrr. I most definitely need to knit myself some sweaters – actually I have no hand-knit sweaters of my own – shame on me! Lol – but I hope to figure out this problem within the next few weeks, especially since I recently made a “doh” connection; I was cold and instead of reaching for a polar fleece, I donned a wool (bought) sweater from years ago, one I rarely wear, and presto – instant warmth – and I thought? Why haven’t I made the connection that wool is warmer than synthetic polar fleeces??! A total “I’m such a dim wit” moment ;)

    Take care and have a cuddle with Boh :)

  2. Hey, knits in action totally count! Your Kererra looks awesome — I’ve been wearing a lot of my shawls lately, and am just about to get out my Flicca for lounging around the house. Yay for chilly knits weather!

  3. Live your life. Knit and blog when you can. Or, want to. You’ve knitted lots. Now just enjoy wearing it. (Nice to see you back here.)

  4. BOH is THE CUTEST ;) The second best part to getting a window at work (#1 is being able to fill the office with plants) is being able to wear sweaters. It was previously so overheated that I couldn’t hardly put any into action.

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